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Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools locations in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost

Looking for the Pleasure Gardens? For business of course...

As you first make your way in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted, you’ll soon find yourself on the haunted Leviathan as it lurks over the moon. Once you’re free to explore, you won’t have gotten your bearings, making it hard to find locations like the Pleasure Gardens or Royal Pools.

As such, we’ve created this short guide guiding you to the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools from your starting point on the Leviathan, with screenshots which act as visual aids.

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Pleasure Gardens location in Destiny 2

From spawn, walk straight ahead past the pillars with the braizers on top of them until you come to a golden staircase.

The start point in the journey to the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted.
Here is where you spawn, and you want to walk straight ahead past those golden pillars.

Once you see the staircase, turn right and walk towards the light blue glow. As you do, keep your eyes to your right, and you’ll see a doorway - walk through.and you’ll find yourself in a long red corridor heading downwards.

The second step in making your way to the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2.
This doorway, hidden in a light blue glow, is the entrance way to the gardens.

Continue down this corridor and follow it, you’ll walk past some blue rooms and statues on your way, until you reach some half-open golden doors that you can squeeze through. Walk through these golden doors, and you’ll find yourself in the Pleasure Gardens.

The final step in making your way to the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2.
Voila! We've made it to the Pleasure Gardens

Royal Pools location in Destiny 2

To make your way to the Royal Pools, you must first enter the Pleasure Gardens (refer to the previou section if you aren’t sure how to get there).

Once you enter the Pleasure Gardens through the golden doors, look left and you’ll see a circular doorway with a white glowing light coming from it.

The first step in making your way to the Royal Pools in Destiny 2.
That brightly lit doorway is the main gateway to the pools!

Head inside this pathway, and continue through the corridor behind it. If you notice you’re heading upwards, you’re going the right way! At the end of this passage you’ll emerge into the ROyal Pools, ready for a bath or a fight. Or both!

The last step in making your way to the Royal Pools in Destiny 2.
From the Pleasure Gardens, it takes no time at all to make it to the Royal Pools

How to get to the Leviathan in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost

If you’re struggling to find the Leviathan in the first place, let alone the Pleasure Gardens or Royale Pools, head to the destinations tab. Once you can see the galaxy, manoeuvre your way over to the moon destinations page.

The Leviathan location in Destiny 2.
It's this section of the map here that marks the Derilict Leviathan.

When you’ve made it there, look to the left of the screen, you can see a golden triangle with the Castellum landing zone open for you. Select that landing zone, and you’ll make your way to the Leviathan.

That concludes our guide on the Pleasure Gardens and Royal Pools locations! If you’re looking for other Season of the Haunted content, check out the Season of the Haunted reveal, as well as the slick new Warlock fire melee ability that set the community on alight.

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