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"Optimistic... worried" - The Destiny 2 community weighs in on Sony's Bungie buyout

Following the massive news surrounding the Bungie acquisition, Destiny 2 players have many opinions (and jokes) on the situation.

In the wake of yesterday’s massive news regarding the partnership between Sony and Bungie, the creators of Destiny 2, the community hubs for the game have erupted in discussion and jokes revolving around the acquisition.

The developer, which is now under the Sony Interactive Entertainment umbrella thanks to a hefty $3.6 billion cheque from the industry giant, immediately made several key assurances to the world in a post on the official website and social media platforms. These include Destiny 2 remaining multi-platform, Bungie remaining creatively independent, and all players having the same experience regardless of where they play.

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The overwhelming reaction on the game’s official Reddit was one of positivity from the community, in large part thanks to these assurances. The FAQ published on the Destiny 2 website stated that neither the upcoming Witch Queen expansion nor Destiny 2 in general will be a lessened experience on other platforms.

There is, however, a considerable level of scepticism from a portion of the players - especially those who have been around since the PlayStation exclusives back in 2014 - at the long-term prospects of the deal, in spite of what the statement is saying.

In a post titled “I want to be optimistic about Sony's acquisition of Bungie, but this wording has me worried.” created by Reddit user JavanNapoli, a snippet of the aforementioned FAQ is featured with certain lines pertaining to exclusivity highlighted. The user and numerous other community members have noted the carefully worded language used, which implies the non-exclusivity promises only refer to content that has already been announced.

The news also struck players who have been around the block for a while now with a wave of nostalgia for the original Destiny. In the past, Destiny players on PlayStation consoles were given access to exclusive exotics, strikes, and other activities. Thankfully, thanks to pledges from Bungie that nothing like this is on its way soon, these posts are mostly comedic in nature. (Image below credited to Reddit User TheMustardChef).

While on the subject of humour, the community couldn’t let the opportunity to bring up one of their favourite running gags pass. This, of course, refers to the Telesto, an exotic weapon so infamous for breaking the game that it has formed a dedicated following of its own among the player base. As the new owners of Bungie, and as a result the dreaded Telesto, Sony will surely have to tread lightly in order to avoid disaster.

All in all, while the distant future of Destiny 2 remains murky and uncertain, updates in the near future remain available to all players without difference nor bias. Whether that remains the case a few years on from now remains to be seen.

The latest expansion for Destiny 2 - The Witch Queen - is set to launch February 22. For more coverage on Bungie’s popular MMOFPS, check out our article covering all the great changes set to come with The Witch Queen.

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