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Deep Rock Galactic Season 2 release date, free battle pass, and DLC revealed

Season 2 is just around the corner, and you've got your work cut out for you.

Creators of Deep Rock Galactic, Ghost Ship Games, announced Season 2 all the way back in December 2021. Finally, a few months later, a six-minute trailer has dropped for a free season pass.

Via the roadmap update released back in December, players learnt that the second season of Deep Rock Galactic was to be expected between March and April this year, and here we are, Season 2: Rival Escalation will go live on April 28 for Steam players, and on May 5 for those using Xbox and PlayStation.

As expected, Season 2 follows on from Rival Incursion, and your mining operations are still being disturbed by your rivals. So, Season 2 is going to oversee you going head-to-head with them further as you each try to one-up each other. However, the Rivals don’t appear to have any plans to go down easily, and you’re going to have to target their new communications, robot hordes, and a ghastly new enemy this season.

To counter your Rivals increased efforts, the update will grant you access to a secondary weapon to aid you with countering them, which will have its own upgrade tree, too.

To add to that, Season Event Bonuses have been approximately doubled, and there is a new Season Challenge for players to embark on. As if that isn’t enough to be preparing for, there will be a free seasonal battle pass available that has various, unique cosmetics on offer. This includes resources, paint jobs, and beards, and who doesn’t want their Miner to have an epic beard?

For those yet to complete Season 1, there’s no race against time. All cosmetics yet to be unlocked will be moved over into Season 2, and can be found by looting cargo crates and more. As if all major in-game content being free isn’t delightful enough, Phazyonite has been added as a currency at the in-game shop. Phazyonite can be collected from in-game mines, and if you save enough, you can pick up a few items from the shop too.

Now, if you have the funds to spare, there is a paid DLC available too. The Robot Rebellion Pack allows you to showcase your prior successes, adorned in outfits inspired by last season's rivals.

Did I mention that whenever you fail a mission, you’ll be brought back to base in a medical gown now? I didn’t know I needed this, but now I do. What are you most looking forward to from Season 2 of Deep Rock Galactic?

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