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Dead Space Extraction Move edition is "way, way" better looking


The "Limited" PlayStation 3 Edition of Dead Space 2 comes with a pretty spiffy bundle - Wii title Dead Space: Extraction, ported over in a Move-friendly fashion. But the port process is fraught with peril. What changes has the Big Black Box wrought? Are hardcore fans perhaps obligated to pick up this new version for extra content and plot details?

"It just looks way better," said producer Zach Mumbach.

Speaking to the US PS Blog, Mumbach said the port was almost perfectly faithful to the original - just prettier.

"It's in full HD; obviously, it wasn't on the Wii. Now it is and it just looks way, way better, and that's basically the main difference."

So don't fash yourself over it if you've settled on the bonus-free Xbox 360 version; you're not missing anything the Xbox Live and PSN versions are offering - or even the original.

You can see the interview and a trailer of the Move edition on Viddler.

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