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Dead Space 3 has unlockable modes, "additional story"

Dead Space 3 producer Steve Papoutsis has hinted at new DLC modes coming to the game post release, along with a "top secret additional story."

Speaking in a developer's blog post on the official page, Papoutsis said that while more information on this top secret additional story "will be coming in a few weeks," he mentioned it may be "disturbing."

He also outlined four unlockable game modes which become available once you have beaten the game.

New Game allows you to start new game with all earned upgrades and your arsenal, the other is Classic Mode with a nod to Dead Space 1 players. It contains zero crafting, is single-player only, and all weapons have to be built from blueprints found in the game.

Pure Survival Mode was also mentioned, and in it, enemies will only drop resources - no ammo, health, or weapon parts. Players will have to choose what to craft when they come across a work bench.

A Hardcore Mode was also listed, which gives the player only one life for the entire campaign.

Big thanks to NeoGAF for spotting this.

Dead Space 3 releases on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in early February.

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