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DayZ Standalone release window decided but not ready to share, says Hall

DayZ Standalone creator Dean Hall has confirmed that the game's release window has been pinned down, but he's not ready to share it with gamers just yet, as certain structures need to be put in place before committing to anything.

Speaking at PC and indie expo Rezzed over the weekend, Hall said, "I guess the big question that a lot of people have is when we're actually going to get this out. We've set a date now - a window of about a week."

Here's the session in full:

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However, Hall isn't ready to spill the beans on when he hopes to have DayZ out, and added, "We're not going to say when that is, because we were originally going to release them in 50,000 key increments but we decided to do everything altogether."

Still, it's nice to know that Hall's team is thinking about a release window now, as we're sure gamers can't wait to get their hands on final code.

We've got two fly-through videos of the new DayZ Standalone sandbox, as well as new features. If you like boats, boating or songs about being on boats then you might be in luck.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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