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Latest Days Gone trailer gives you a glimpse into Deacon's tragic past

The latest Days Gone story trailer gives you a glimpse into Deacon's tragic past, as you probably noted by the headline.

In this video for Days Gone, Deacon is having a flashback to the days before, well, everything was gone.

The flashback shows our man getting married to a gal named Sarah, who was conscious enough to put on a lovely gown for the occasion. Deacon, appears to be dressed in his normal duds, but at least they are clean duds. Come on, Deacon. Surely you could have found a suit. Somewhere.

All joking aside, it's a rather emotional trailer, which is why we're being slightly flippant. Damn it anyway. It made us sad, okay? Happy now?


Going back to Deacon and Sarah, Bend Studio provided a back story for the love birds to go along with the video. We've posted it below.

Long before a global pandemic killed the world — turning the Pacific Northwest into a terrifying no-man’s land of Freakers, Marauders and those just struggling to survive — the Farewell Wilderness set the stage for an unlikely romance between an outlaw biker and an extraordinary young woman from Seattle.

The wilderness is where they met, it’s where he taught her to ride, where she taught him about botany — the reason she was in the high desert in the first place. It’s where he proposed to her. It’s where, in a small church in the tiny town of Marion Forks, witnessed only by long-time friend William “Boozer” Gray, Deacon and Sarah were married.

He loved her so much that, a longtime member of the Mongrels MC, Deacon St. John chose to leave the MC and become a NOMAD for her so they could spend more time together. Share a life together.

Two years later, Sarah is gone. Deacon, now a drifter and bounty hunter on the broken road, is left with only a photo to remind him of the woman he loved and the man she had helped him become. In a brief moment of peace at the church where they exchanged vows, Deacon reflects on everything he’s lost, the burnt out shell of the church, a reflection of the man he’s become — haggard, worn, and alone.

What's this salty discharge? Hand me a tissue, please.

Days Gone releases April 26 for PlayStation 4.

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