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David Cage says there's not going to be an Indigo Prophecy 2


David Cage has said in an interview that there is zero chance there will be an Indigo Prophecy sequel because he is finished with the characters and story.

"After Indigo, I wanted to work on something different because I thought [a sequel] would be a commercial disaster," said Cage to 1UP. "It was really different from what the industry was doing and there was absolutely no hype about emotion or narrative. But when we started talking to publishers, many of them told us they loved Indigo and they were interested in publishing the sequel.

"So I started thinking of Indigo 2 but I quickly realized I had nothing more to say on this story and these characters. I really enjoyed the time I spent with them, but they were attached to a moment in my life, and I had moved on.

"I wanted to write something more personal, deeper, more adult, with no world to save and no supernatural powers."

This was pulled from the same interview where Cage talked about not wanting to do a game set in  France.

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