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Fahrenheit remaster doesn't play nicely with unusual Steam names, apparently

Fahrenheit will reportedly not work for you if you have special characters in your Steam name.


Fahrenheit, or Indigo Prophecy as it is sometimes known, has been re-released on iOS, Linux, Mac and PC thanks to Aspyr Media.

It's not much of an upgrade, but it is pretty cheap and a great way to experience this classic Quantic Dream adventure for those who missed out in 2005.

Unfortunately, Reddit user Spankyjnco has discovered a problem with the port: it uses your Steam name to create save file folders.

This causes two issues: one, if you change your Steam name you'll be locked out of your saves. Two, if your Steam name contains characters Windows doesn't allow in filenames, the game just won't work.

Bit of a problem there but hopefully one Aspyr can fix quickly and easily with a patch. That said, there's apparently a similar issue with Dark Souls multiplayer which is yet to be fixed.

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