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David Cage classic Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy hits PS4 next month

A blast from the past, just as you're getting excited for Detroit: Become Human.


David Cage classic Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy hits PS4 next month

Gather round young'uns and we'll have a chat about a magical time more than a decade ago.

The year was 2005. The PS2 was five years old and king of the world, but Microsoft's Xbox made us well aware the shape of the industry was changing. With the beautifully bizarre, David Bowie-fronted Omikron: The Nomad Soul under its belt, David Cage's Quantic Dream produced Fahrenheit, called Indigo Prophecy in North America and rejoicing in both titles wherever people couldn't be arsed explaining the regional divide.

Billed as an interactive movie before such goals were anathema, Fahrenheit laid the groundwork for Heavy Rain and indeed Beyond: Two Souls, debuting an immersion-focused control scheme relying on analog stick movements with direct in-game equivalents. This was something of a novelty at a time when many games still relied on the D-pad despite the ubiquity of twin analog controllers.

Receiving a stack of eights (again, this was before we instantly panned anything below a nine and a half), it didn't sell tremendously well but inspired a loyal cult following and established Quantic Dream's reputation for Lynchian blends of supernatural, science fiction and psychological thriller themes.

Anyway, now that we've set the scene: turns out a remaster of the PS2 build is coming to PS4. You'll be able to grab it on July 18 for $15.

It probably won't differ overly much from the 2015 PC remaster beyond having PlayStation-specific controls, but it's a nice bit of history to revisit if you've fallen in anticipatory love with Detroit: Become Human.

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