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Detroit: Become Human is all about choice

The new game from David Cage's Quantic Dream has been shown off during Sony's E3 conference.

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Detroit: Become Human is all about choice

Detroit: Become Human, which is based on Quantic Dream's old Kara demo (Kara went on to be a playable character in this game), is set in a near-future Detroit where androids and humans co-exist.

The demo introduces Connor, the second playable character in the game. David Cage has elaborated on the character for the PlayStation Blog: "He is cold and analytical; he thinks fast and benefits from some surprising advanced features. He is very determined and nothing matters more to him than accomplishing the mission he was programmed for."

The demo shows how your choices will heavily affect how things play out. The trailer shows multiple ways a single situation can go down. Cage says he wants players to feel like the "co-author" of their own stories.

"Detroit is about emotions, about dilemmas and making difficult decisions", Cage says. "Detroit is not just the story of androids becoming aware of themselves and their fight to be free, it is about a story that resonates at many levels in our world, about being free, about becoming who you are."

Detroit: Become Human is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. It does not have a confirmed release date yet.

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