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Darksiders started life with four-player, four-horseman co-op


Darksiders may have ended life as a wholly single-player experience, but Vigil started out with plans of four-player co-op, creative director and comic legend Joe Madureira has told VG247.

"At the very, very beginning, before we even got funding, we played with the idea of having four-player co-op with all the horsemen," said Madureira, speaking in a phone interview.

"Once we moved into full development and scoped out the game, we realised there was really no way we could make a decent game along those lines."

Instead, Vigil did the sensible thing and focused on creating the offline, Zelda-esque, heaven-hell adventure releasing for PS3 and 360 this week.

"We opted to just make a single-player game as make it as good as we could, and not even go down that road," Madureira added.

"We didn't want to do multiplayer unless it could really be fantastic. Making the single-player game with a new team, team technology, a new IP, was already enough."

The final game centres on the escapades of War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Vigil GM David Adams confirmed to VG247 that the game wouldn't be getting any DLC back in December.

The demonic adventure is picking up great review scores, and for good reason. Watch us playing the first 20 minutes of the PS3 version here. Then go out and buy it.

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