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Darksiders 3 dev breaks down pre-alpha gameplay reveal footage - talks combat, enemies, and more

Gunfire Games president David Adams spills the beans on Darksiders 3.

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IGN sat down with Gunfire Games' David Adams last week to talk all things Darksiders 3.

Talking about the aesthetic changes from 1 and 2, Adams said that they "wanted to have a lot more contrast visually. A lot of the stuff in Darksiders is very brown, and dark, and dreary. We wanted to have areas that were more lush...we wanted to expand the palette of colours and stuff like that within the game."

The video is the pre-alpha footage we saw a few weeks ago, but this time Adams talks us through what's happening on-screen.

He delves into the combat, the lore, and the enemies - like the Seven Deadly Sins that make an appearance this time around. It's Fury's job to round them up and back in jail. Or to just slaughter them.

Check out the video for more juicy details on Darksiders 3.

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