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Dark Souls PC multiplayer region locks lifted - report

Dark Souls has been patched on PC, apparently to remove the region locks on multiplayer.


Dark Souls has several kinds of multiplayer and until recently players have been divided by region in addition to platform. Now it looks like a tiny Steam patch issued earlier this week has lifted geoblock restrictions for Dark Souls.

The news comes via Reddit users rather than from an official source, and the nature of Dark Souls makes it difficult to test. I've asked Namco Bandai for confirmation.

If true, it will help players find each other despite the diminishing player base; not that you always want to find players in Dark Souls. Having co-op buddies is a rgeat help against bosses, but being invaded is less fun. On the other hand, invading? Terrific. Gosh I love Souls games.

The patch also broke a popular mod for upping the game's frame rate, but a new version is already available.

In other Dark Souls PC news, you should get moving on that GFWL to Steamworks transition.

Thanks, SegmentNext.

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