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Dark Souls 3 hack turns player into an AC-130

All hackers are frustrating to run into. Then there's this guy.


Dark Souls 3 hack turns player into an AC-130

Every time you in engage in Dark Souls 3's PvP activities on PC, you're taking a risk.

There are so many hacks and glitches out there and the developers are banning people left and right, even ones who have fallen victim to hacks rather than use them. Players have ran into all kinds of strange occurrences, even down to the classic invincibility glitch.

I am not sure if this video belongs in the glitch or hack category, but it's so out of the ordinary it may as well be a hack. Here's poor Reddit user Pimpinpinguino's first encounter of this hack.

Basically, the host can be seen flying around, firing multiple arrows in seconds. The AC-130 of the Dark Souls universe. You can't hide from him. He's even called AC-130, for maximum effect.

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