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Dark Souls 3 dev's recruiting video builds to new IP

Dark Souls 3 is only the latest triumph in From Software's incredible journey.

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Dark Souls 3 dev's recruiting video builds to new IP

Dark Souls 3 developer From Software seems to be hoping to attract new staff for its next big thing.

This isn't really a big surprise: in a recent interview, series creator Hidetaka Miyazaki said that the Dark Souls series is over (at least for now) and he's looking forward to doing something different. In fact, he added, From Software already has a new IP in the works.

From Software is quite a busy and prolific developer. Although it's best known nowadays for the Souls games, it has loads of interesting projects under its belt, having worked on the Armored Core, King's Field, Echo Knight and Tenchu series as well as loads of well-received and often boldly unique one-shots.

The studio has gone from strength to strength, and that seems to be the message of the recruiting video above, posted privately on its YouTube channel. It was probably not intended for public consumption, but as some sort of sizzle reel to show to new or potential employees. It may not even be finished.

Nevertheless, it's impressive. Watching the journey the developer has taken so far immediately makes us wonder where it will go from here. How do you top Dark Souls? Is it even possible? It'll be months or maybe even years before we find out.

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