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Dark Souls 2 Wii U petition begins

Dark Souls 2 was announced for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 at the VGAs over the weekend. Gamers have launched a petition to get the game on Wii U as well. Check it out below.

Nintendo Life reports that a group of gamers are petitioning Namco Bandai to get the game on Nintendo's Wii U format. Would you like to see this happen?

Meanwhile, Dark Souls 2 co-director Tomohiro Shibuya revealed to Edge that the game will be more "understandable" without compromising its brutal difficulty. Find out what he means here.

Also, if you missed the Dark Souls 2 VGA trailer, you can watch it in full here.

Finally, we interviewed FROM Software about Dark Souls' legacy in great detail. You can see what they had to say here.

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