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Dark Souls 2 gets live action teaser for "live action event"

Dark Souls 2's latest teaser is a bit more mysterious than usual; it ends with the words "Dark Souls 2: a live action event - 2014". We have no idea if this is just one of the franchise's notoriously odd catchphrases or if something very exciting is going down next year, but the teaser is gorgeous and atmospheric and well worth a look anyway.

"A live action event" as a tagline for a game about (gleefully) dying all the bloody time sort of fits in with some of the suggestions Namco Bandai asked fans to choose from, which included such gems as "Go Beyond Death" and "Survive Death". The teaser is currently exclusive to IGN; check it out below. Dark Souls 2 is due on March 11, 2014, on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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