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Will we see these Dark Souls 2 movesets in future DLC?

Dark Souls 2 players have uncovered a bunch of unused animations, suggesting there may be more unique DLC weapons in the works.


Dark Souls 2 movesets vary from weapon to weapon, but many are shared by groups of similar kinds of weapon. Fans have strong opinions about these animation sets and the advantages and disadvantages of each, so the introduction of a new one is big news.

In the video below, you can see unused moves uncovered by YouTuber europa by hacking about with the game's code. The moves were recently discovered and discussed by Steam Group /dsg/, apparently.

You'll also see the Puzzling Stone Sword moveset, and since that weapon was added in the Crown Of The Sunken King DLC, there's hope that we'll see these animations used in future content.

Thanks, NowGamer.

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