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Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Sunken King walkthrough - Dragon's Sanctum, Elana the Squalid Queen, Sinh the Slumbering Dragon

Time to head through the Dragon's Sanctum and fight two bosses - Elana The Squalid Queen and Sinh The Slumbering Dragon.


Go down the stairs and switch the switch on the left, by the closed door. Inside you'll find a Soul of a Great Hero and three Dragon Charms. Go through the hallway on the opposite side but don't go down the stairs to the right of the room with the items just yet. hit the enemy ahead with ranged attacks, the go down the stairs to the left and enter to the room on the right where the enemy was.

There are two enemies and two bodies on altars. Attack the bodies on the altars, then fight the others. It's best to try and split these two apart to fight one at a time. They have a longer attack range than most other enemies so be careful. Inside the five chests you'll find a Titanite Slab, five Old Growth Balms, one Soul Vessel, a Catarina Helm, and 50 Destructive Greatarrows.

Leave the room and continue down the next hallway. An enemy will attack from the left, and another comes from the right. They have long reach and poisoned weapons, so use the length of the hallway and don't get trapped.

Go to the hall where they originally attacked. Be careful of the pressure plate in the middle of the path as it will fire a dart from the left. Attack the two enemies that are resting before they get up and fight back.

There's a sorceress on the right who will attack if you get too close so stay away while you finish these enemies off. Have a shield ready and open the coffer. You'll deflect the arrows and be rewarded with a Bonfire Ascetic inside.

Now you can attack the sorceress in the room on the left. Use ranged attacks if you've got them, then move in and fight another enemy.

Take the Human Effigy and hit the enemy through the hole in the door with ranged attacks. Now step on the pressure plate in front of the door and it will rotate until the the large opening is at the bottom.

Go down the hallway on the right and the stairs ahead. At the junction go left for a Repair Powder and right to find a locked passage. Continue straight and jump over the whole in the floor and head down the hall until you reach a closed door. Use a ranged attack to trigger the switch on the left, then head into the opening on the left. But before you enter, go down
the end of the hall and use a ranged attack on the switch above.

Go back to the doorway that has now opened and fight the enemy, and use ranged attacks on the enemies to the right in the room down the stairs. Be careful of the pressure switch at the top of the stairs as it will trigger a spike trap on the staircase.

Go down the stairs to find the Soul of a Hero and a Human Effigy along the staircase, as well as three chests at the bottom. They contain three Boltstones, three Bleed Stones, three Twinkling Titanite, three Petrified Dragon Bones, and a Puzzling Stone Sword. If you did not hit the switch at the end of the previous hallway, the chest with the Puzzling Stone Sword will not be accessible.

Now you want to go back to the hole you jump over before and drop down into it. Turn and away from the sharp corner and go down the stairs but be careful of the spikes. There's an enemy in the spikes so hit him with ranged attacks. He's walk into the spikes and kill himself.

there are a number of items among the spikes. Neat the first enemy are three torches and over on the right of the room are three Twinkling Titanite, five Holy Water Urns, a Human Effigy, and chest at the far end of the room with a Dragon Stone in it. You can gain open the chest by flicking the switch on one of the pillars between the rooms. As you go for the items on the right another enemy will drop down and attack.

If you're feeling foolhardy you can go to the left of the spikes and find a battered old staircase that will take you to the boss battle, but I don't think you want to do that just yet. instead, use the narrow path to reach a ladder on the right and go up to fight a sorceress. You'll then have to fight another sorceress and another enemy in the next room. But first you want to turn around and spark the bonfire behind you - follow the path, jump the gap on the left and go into a narrow corridor. Light the fire and go right to find the Sanctum Crossbow.

Now go back to where you fought the last sorceress and you'll come to a bridge. go over it and down the rickety stairs. On the left is a coffer with a Bloodbite Ring +1. Go back up the stiars and down the next set of stairs on the left where you'll find a room with three spirit enemies. If you attack the statues the spirits will materialise and you can fight them properly.

In the room you'll find the Eternal Sanctum Key and a Sanctum Knight Helm. Once you've collected the items, drop down into the area with the spikes and then head up the stairs to fight the enemy you skipped earlier.

Now, fight insect enemy around the corner, then range attack as many insects below as possible. Drop down and kill any that are left. Beware! There are three on the ceiling.

You can now help yourself to five Lifegems, one Old Growth Balm, and 10 Dung Pies. Go upstairs for 20 Poison Throwing Knives. Just beyond the item one last insect is on the ceiling. Go up the stairs, and up the ladder at the top to climb into the room above.

Inside a chest you'll find Flynn's Ring. Go through the doorway and down into the hallway below. You're back near the area with the spikes and two sorceresses.

Right then. Go over the bridge where the sorceress was and down the stairs. Kill the enemy at the bottom and turn around to use a ranged attack on the switch on the right of the stairs. Go right, down the stairs and into the narrow corridor on the right. Go through the opening on the right and down more stairs.

Grab the Old Growth Balm and go down the next set of stairs, and then another. Now you must fight Jester Thomas. Stay close to him and watch for his ranged fire attacks. once he's dealt with (strafe around him a lot) go through the mist and down another set of stairs.

In this room there are five monsters in water and bonfire at the far end of the room. You need to go all the way left. It's best to fight them with ranged weapons and when it comes to melee take out their feet. They jump for a stomping attack that when blocked will drain all you stamina, so be ready for that. Light the bonfire and then go up the stairs on the left and interact with the object, which requires the Dragon Stone you picked up earlier.

Now go back down the stairs and go through the doorway ahead. Go through the next room and through the cave for a Drakeblood Greatsword. go back into the room and hit the glowing pillar to start a lift on your left and ride it up.

go left on this floor for another lift which takes you all the way back to the first bonfire in this area. go through the doorway, across the bridge, up the stairs and in the next room go through the opening and drop down. Keep dropping until you hit the bottom. go through a doorway and drop to a ledge to the right, then head left and drop to another platform.

Head through the doorway to fight a quick enemy. Put your shielf up and use a lance or a spear, enabling you to attack from a defensive position. Watch out, as he will try to knock your shield away.

Go back out the way you came and continue to the right - drop down the platforms to the left, then down more stairs. In the corner are 10 Hexing Urns. go around the corner for another fight and down the crumbling stairs. There's yet another set of stairs to go down.

On the right and around a corner to the left is another enemy to kill, then go round the next corner. In the middle of the wall to the left is a hidden doorway that leads to a bonfire. Interact with the wall near the middle to open it. Light fire, then go to the next corner and down stairs. There's one more enemy to kill then go to the other side of the room.

On the left of the hallway is a room with Drakeblood Armour. Leave the room and go right, over the ledge on the left and move towards the stairs before dropping to the platform below. You can jump to the adjacent ledges as you work your way down here and grab the three Vine Balms, six Twinkling Titanite, the Large Soul of a Brave Warrior, and five Smooth and Silky Stones. Once you reach the bottom it's time to enter Dragon's Rest and fight a couple of bosses.

Boss Battle: Elana, the Squalid Queen

Reward: Soul of Elana, Squalid Queen

Don't mess about - rush Elana and hit her with everything you've got. She takes a while to react so you can take advantage of this. She will summon skeleton warriors, use flame attacks and a spear to fight back.

Unless skeletons come straight for you, you can avoid them for now and carry on with your attacks on Elana. You'll most likely hit skeletons at the same time, making it easier. Avoid her ranged attacks where you can by keeping moving.

When she disappears she will return using spells but her magic takes time to cast, during which you can get a couple of hits in. Once she's down the dragon door will open. Go through and light the bonfire. Go through the mist...

Boss Battle: Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

Reward: Soul of Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon

This battle is very similar to any of the other dragon bosses in Dark Souls 2. Attack the feet and when it flies into the air, be ready for the fire breath attack. Try and stay under Sinh or behind it and attack again as soon as it lands.

If Sinh flies away that means its preparing for a diving attack. Keep moving and roll out of the way as it dives. If it rears up it means a fire breath attack is coming. Keep attacking the tail and legs. Remember to attack during Sinh's attack animations to win the fight.

When Sinh is down you can now collect the Crown of the Sunken King and Yorghi's Ring.

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