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CS:GO open beta coming, current update brings lots of fixes

Another day, another CS:GO beta update - and soon you can get in on them!

Hot off the heels of announcing an August 21st release date and $14.99 price for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Valve has stated their plans for an open beta.

In their most recent blog post, the team stated that:

"For pre-orders we hope to open it up about a month before release so roughly July 21st but that is a rough date we will firm up as we get closer. As for an open beta, where everyone can get a chance to try CS:GO, sometime between the pre-orders and release"

So if you've yet to get into the closed beta, you've got a bit more than a month to wait 'til it opens up.

For those of you in the closed beta, you can check out the lengthy new patch notes here.

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