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Counter Strike 2 fans are using trigonometry to work out a release date

CS players will never fail to surprise me.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans are going all in on a new logo shared to Twitter in the hopes of uncovering a release date. What does ‘going all in’ entail, however? Trigonometry. Too much of it for my liking.

First reported by the folk over at The Loadout, and following rumours of a Counter Strike sequel that emerged earlier this month, Valve recently updated the banner for the CS:GO Twitter page with an all-new logo. The logo appears to be in preparation for the revamped shooter title, which, according to journalist Richard Lewis when speaking with VGC, is “right around the corner.”

The new logo is pretty similar to CS:GO’s original logo, but omits the ‘GO’ part. Rather than the letters ‘CS’ and ‘GO’ being separated by an operator, we only have ‘C’ and ‘S’ separated by an operator now. Additionally, the new logo’s text is at a slight, diagonal tilt, and dons a blue background.

CS:GO gamers are no doubt excited about a new instalment in the CS series, and the latest analysis of the logo goes to show just that. Twitter user Gabe Follower reshared the logo with some equations of his own; after a little trigonometry, Gabe found that the new logo is tilted at exactly 23 degrees… Could this mean something?

On its own, probably not, but fans have found more evidence that points to the number 23.

Valve only continues to tease its fans, primarily using gifs from the US version of The Office. At face value, this means nothing, but fans have once again noted something very interesting during their investigations. The US version of The Office launched on March 24. However, CS:GO’s version — cs_office — actually launched on March 23.

This, combined with the 23-degree tilt of the new logo, easily leads fans to the conclusion that we should be expecting something on March 23, 2023. Pair this with Richard Lewis’ comments about a tentative beta release date on March 1, and it seems pretty likely we might be privy to the Counter Strike 2 beta tomorrow.

That’s not even all the evidence, either. It’s also been noted that CS:GO’s previous Twitter banner, posted on March 18, featured five CT operators. Interpreted as a countdown of sorts, fans did the maths: 18 (March 18) plus 5 (5 CT operators) equals 23. This also happens to be exactly three years since the release of Half-Life: Alyx in 2020. These coincidences are adding up, now.

Needless to say, Valve has seemingly left a bread crumb trail of clues for fans, likely knowing the lengths CS players will go to for answers. It could all still be nothing, but let's be real, it appears that it’s only a matter of time before gamers will be getting a glimpse of Counter Strike 2.

In the meantime, CS:GO players have been cooking up some great Source 2 memes.

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