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Counter Strike 2 players mourn lost content, as CS:GO disappears from Steam libraries

Missing maps, features, game modes... CS2 isn't totally good news for everyone.

Image credit: Valve.

Counter Strike 2 has launched and proven tremendously popular, hitting almost 1.2 million concurrent players following the much-teased release. However, while a staggering number of people are jumping in and trying it out, a portion are mourning the loss of various features, maps, and game modes.

"Now I’ve thought about it and this CS2 release was pretty bad," writes popular Counter Strike influencer and content creator Anomaly, before listing out a variety of missing features from the game including War Games, various maps, brand new content and more. The game itself looks gorgeous, and is packed with several quality of life changes, but this has seemingly failed to fill the space absent content has left behind.

A similar sentiment can be found on Reddit, where users including Cosmictrigger01, have shared a parallel list of missing features. Comments are chock full of a back-and-forth between those unhappy with the launch and others who don't see it in such disasterous terms.

"I don’t disagree, but I’ve heard people talk about the alternate game modes and Mac support more in the last 12 hours than in the entire last decade," writes Ganja_fiend. "I’m sorry, but there’s no way so many people cared that much about demolition and flying scoutsman be for real. Arms race, yes. Gun Game should be essential and is a CS staple."

They're not alone, as a post titled: "There’s no way you guys actually care about Danger Zone" is just as popular on the Reddit as posts complaining.

This sort of community strife was bound to happen from the moment Counter Strike 2 replaced CS:GO in people's Steam Library. Yes, you can head into properties and reset the game back to the old version, but with a vastly reduced player base and a reliance of community servers, the game will likely not be the powerhouse it once was. For the average player, CS:GO (and all its modes and features, regardless how niche), are essentially gone.

Whether or not players will soon move on from this pain points, or if they'll cling to the older version of CS, remains to be seen. It's early days for the CS2 community, and for the game itself. Fingers crossed, it'll re-introduce missing features for those left feeling sour.

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