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Now that Counter Strike 2 has custom crafts, CS2 fans are expressing themselves as only they can

While some are genuinely trying to spruce up their favourite guns, others are grabbing the opportunity by the balls. To each their own.

Custom CS2 shotgun skins with naughty stickers, blurred.
Image credit: VG247 / Longjumping_Let_6962

Counter Strike 2 has recently gotten an amazing update for those of you out there who love a little bit of customization in their tactical first person shooter. However, while some are innocently slapping stickers on their favourite weapons as Gaben intended, others have gone down a darker path.

This includes spelling out naughty sentences, creating phallic images, and having an all-around raunchy time with it. Such is the eternal truth about video game creativity - if you place the option for folks to make honkin hogs in their video game, they'll do it.

Some of these are quite rude, so obviously don't take a look at those if you've got kids or your boss is around. There are some lush safe-for-work creations out there too though - like this cool recreation of the M4 Howl. That was made by -Maid on the CS2 Reddit, and if that's any indication of the creativity folks will apply to custom sticker placement then I'm all for it.

The emergence of such saucy content should be no surprise for those familiar with the nature of gamers. Relatively recently Tears of the Kingdom players went wild with creations - some of them phallic. A LEGO MMO was cancelled due to limp dong detection. It's well known among the terminally online that gamers are wild for willies, generally speaking. And why not, it's funny.

Are you surprised about this development? Probably not, but if you've been going nuts with your CS2 stickers why don't you let us know below!

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