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Counter Strike 2 Twitter account changes banner, all but confirming release date

Either that, or it's a genuinely hilarious joke.

Dawn of the Final Day
Image credit: Nintendo

The official Counter Strike 2 Twitter account continues its recent teaser-spree today, as the account banner has been changed to yet another release date tease. With this, the rumoured September 27 release date is all but confirmed. That, or we're all being played for fools.

For those who choose to check it out for themselves, they'll see a "Dawn of the Final Day" banner, a popular meme with its roots tied to the Nintendo Classic Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This comes after a post from the account asked impatient fans last week what they were doing next Wednesday. Well, we've made it to Wednesday. Hype levels among those not already in the closed beta are high.

And for good reason. Counter Strike 2 is not only the sequel to the hugely popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive, it's also bringing a lot of exciting new features to the game. A new loadout system, the new Source 2 engine chugging away behind the scenes, overhauled UI and changes to the round format all promise to remix the experience significantly. Meanwhile, a lot of the weapons and maps present in Counter Strike: Global Offensive will also return.

With all this being said, the team behind Counter Strike 2 (and specifically the social media person responsible for these teases) has the opportunity to do something truly funny here and just not release the game to the public today. However, for all intents aand purposes, it's a soft confirm for those counting down the hours until they can rush B with their friends once again.

Are you excited to check out Counter Strike 2? Let us know below, as well as if you'll be rolling solo or holding scuffed angles with your other bronze mates.

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