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Crytek lay-offs imminent as Codename: Kingdoms developement moves to Frankfurt

A source close to Crytek's Budapest studio has told Gamasutra that the firm is poised to make 30-35 employees redundant at its Budapest studio.

According to the source, those remaining at the Budapest location will switch from working on the firm's project Codename: Kingdoms for Microsoft, to tablet titles from here on out.

Lay-offs are rumored to occur within the "next few weeks," with the studio going from 80 workers to between 30-35. The person close to the matter said the firm is culling the head count due to Codename: Kingdoms being moved to Cyrtek's Frankfurt studio due to a "sudden decision" from Microsoft Game Studios.

The source also said nine workers were already been laid off due to the project's Frankfurt move, but Crytek is keeping as many employees on until it can present the Kinect enabled, action-melee title Codename: Kingdoms at E3 in June.

Avni Yerli, managing director for the Frankfurt studios responded to the move, without going into great detail: "We can confirm that our Budapest studio is getting a new direction and focus."

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