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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is heading to smartphones

Crystal Chronicles is coming to the palm of your hands this year.

Square Enix announced last night that this year's Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles remaster is heading to Android and iOS. These versions will join PS4 and Nintendo Switch in launching "this winter"

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Crystal Chronicles launched back in 2003 as a Gamecube exclusive. Strangely, it let other players join the adventure by hooking a Gameboy Advance to the console and using the handheld as a makeshift controller.

Multiplayer returns in 2019, but we'd wager without the need to pick up a 20-year-old handheld. Online multiplayer has been confirmed for the console release - we reckon the handheld editions will follow suit.

Remasters ruled the show at Square Enix' E3 conference. The publisher announced that forgotten classic Final Fantasy 8 is getting an HD paintjob. We also got a trove of new information and a new trailer for Final Fantasy VII - Episode 1.

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