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Crackdown on Xbox One X "scales up wonderfully to 4K resolution," says Digital Foundry

Crackdown received enhancements for Xbox One X last week, and Digital Foundry has give it the once over.

Xbox 360 titles The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Forza Horizon, Fable Anniversary and Crackdown were recently enhanced for Xbox One X.

Crackdown was also added to the backward compatibility library the same day.

According to Digital Foundry, Xbox One X enhancements have made Crackdown "prettier and smoother," and "even better than you remember it."

The analysis states Crackdown "scales up wonderfully to 4K" and the gameplay still hold up up after all these years.

Since I'm not too well versed in such technical black magic, here's word straight from Digital Foundry:

"Deficiencies in the original presentation are helpfully addressed too: 16x anisotropic filtering helps resolve soupy ground textures in particular, while the low resolution alpha transparency effects that dominated Crackdown's explosive effects are also significantly improved.

"They run at 40% of full res, giving us a 1536x846 pixel count vs the 3840x2160 overall resolution. In the heat of the action, the jumbo-sized pixels we saw on Xbox 360 whenever an explosion intersects with geometry aren't much on an issue on the X enhanced version. The game is crisp and clean, with little in the way of obvious blemishes when rendered with a framebuffer utilising over eight million pixels."

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Digital Foundry said the Xbox One X version still drops frames in the more intense scenes but it's a pretty but smoother framerates are possible with the new performance mode.

"Ultimately, Crackdown on Xbox One X delivers a markedly improved result for a classic game but with the overhead of the emulation layer in effect, we still don't have the CPU power to run the game entirely locked to its 30fps target," reads the analysis. "What you are getting is the same experience but improved in many ways: it scales beautifully to a 4K screen (and similar to Forza Horizon, some of the HUD elements seem to be native), it addresses some of the visual compromises and it runs more smoothly with no tearing."

You can look over the Xbox One X vs the Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison and framerate test video above.

Hopefully, the original title on Xbox One will hold you over until Crackdown 3 releases sometime this year.

In August, Microsoft announced it had delayed Crackdown 3 into spring 2018 in order to “deliver the right game, with the right quality, and at the right time.”

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