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Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings: Best character builds for your Cookies

Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom are items that you can equip to your characters for stat bonuses.

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How to collect and equip Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings are among the rewards you receive for completing World Exploration stages, Hot Air Balloon Expeditions, and other feats in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Each character begins with just one Topping slot. As you start to level them up, they'll receive an additional Topping slot for every five levels they advance, starting from Level 15. Upon reaching Level 30, a character will receive their fifth and final Topping slot.

To equip Toppings, visit the Cookie menu and tap on a character, then choose the Toppings option on their profile. This opens a new menu where you can equip Toppings for that character.

You can equip Toppings for free, but it costs coins to remove them, so it pays to plan ahead!

Equipping multiple versions of the same Topping activates a "set effect", which boosts the strength of that Topping's base effect. Generally speaking, your best bet is to equip five of the same Topping where possible, in order to maximise its benefits.

List of Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

At the time of writing, there are ten types of Topping in Cookie Run Kingdom:

Topping NameEffectSet Effect 1Set Effect 2
Bouncy Caramel ToppingATK SPDEquip 2: +1% ATK SPDEquip 5: +2% ATK SPD
Fresh Kiwi ToppingDebuff ResistEquip 2: +3% Debuff ResistEquip 5: +5% Debuff Resist
Hard Walnut ToppingDEFEquip 3: +3% DEFEquip 5: +5% DEF
Healthy Peanut ToppingHPEquip 2: +3% HPEquip 5: +5% HP
Hearty Hazelnut ToppingCRIT ResistEquip 2: +10% CRIT ResistEquip 3: +15% CRIT Resist
Juicy Apple Jelly ToppingCRIT%Equip 5: +5% CRIT%n/a
Searing Raspberry ToppingATKEquip 3: +3% ATKEquip 5: +5% ATK
Solid Almond ToppingDMG ResistEquip 5: +5% DMG Resistn/a
Sweet Candy ToppingAmplify BuffEquip 2: +1% Amplify BuffEquip 5: +2% Amplify Buff
Swift Chocolate ToppingCooldownEquip 5: +5% Cooldownn/a

Upgrading Toppings

Just like Cookies themselves, Toppings come in three rarity levels: Common, Rare, and Epic.

Toppings of better rarity only appear in the later parts of the game, with Epic Toppings unlocking once you reach Stage 6.

Not only do rarer Toppings have better base stats, they also have the advantage of being more upgradeable. You can upgrade Common Toppings six times, Rare Toppings nine times, and Epic Toppings 12 times.

You can upgrade Toppings to increase their effects, as well as a small chance that they will gain random bonus effects. Upgrade Toppings using Topping Pieces and Coins as material. Topping Pieces are obtained by breaking down Toppings (which you can do in the Toppings menu).

The best idea is to keep your Common Toppings back, breaking them down for Topping Pieces. Your focus should be on upgrading Epic Toppings, and there's not as much point upgrading Toppings of other rarities, since the benefits are much less in the long-run.

Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings: Best character builds

Now that you know a bit more about what Toppings are and what they do, your thoughts have probably turned towards character builds. Which Toppings work best for which Cookies, and what should you avoid?

Thanks to Twitter user @koffeebeecookie, there's a handy infographic you can refer to when you start designing your character builds:

As you can probably see, a few Toppings stand out as clear frontrunners. Meanwhile, several others can be safely ignored unless you have a very specific character build in mind.

Best Toppings for general character builds

Since you can only equip one type of Topping if you want to maximise set effects, it's unsurprising that some Toppings have emerged as favourites among Cookie Run Kingdom players.

Equipping either 5x Searing Raspberry for the Attack boost or 5x Swift Chocolate for the Cooldown reduction is by far the best general recommendation.

However, there are a few Toppings that work particularly well for specific character builds. If you're putting together a Cookie to act as your party's Tank, for example, Solid Almond for increased Damage Resistance means they can wade in ahead with much more confidence.

(At the same time, Hard Walnut is one you can afford to pretty much ignore given the choice, since its maximum Defence isn't as good as the maximum Damage Resistance offered by the Solid Almond Topping.)

Best Toppings for specialised character builds

If you can equip three characters in your party with full 5x sets of Searing Raspberry, Swift Chocolate, and Solid Almond, you're basically sorted.

But if you're looking to experiment with some different toppings, it's worth considering swapping out Searing Raspberry for Bouncy Caramel and seeing whether you prefer a boost to Attack Speed instead of raw Attack strength.

Meanwhile, less aggressive characters like Support and Healer builds will make the best use of Sweet Candy and its Amplify Buff effect.

Finally is the question of whether it's worth using Juicy Apple Jelly. This Topping increases your Crit likelihood. But it needs to be equipped to all five slots before you can gain any set effects, and it's nowhere near the powerhouse that the similarly demanding Swift Chocolate is.

So, should you go for it? The answer is: maybe, under some circumstances. If you're working on a heavily specialised build — for example a Magic user, or a Cookie with the Charge special move — Juicy Apple Jelly can be worth a shot. However, it can leave the character quite vulnerable, so make sure the rest of the party have the right build to support them.

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