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Cookie Run Kingdom: How to complete the Cookie Challenges Event

The Cookie Challenge Event is taking place in Cookie Run Kingdom between April 22 and May 20! Players have the opportunity to complete a number of smaller challenges as part of the overall event.

Cookie Run Kingdom: Cookie Challenges

There are 15 challenges to complete in the Cookie Challenges event. These are primarily player feats, and are mostly fairly straightforward to complete.

Challenge NameRequired CharactersTasks
Adventurer Cookie's ChallengeAdventurer Cookie Blackberry CookieComplete five Balloon Expeditions with Adventurer Cookie and Blackberry Cookie.
Alchemist Cookie's ChallengeAlchemist Cookie Vampire CookieComplete any ten World Exploration stages with only Alchemist Cookie and Vampire Cookie in the party.
Avocado Cookie's ChallengeAvocado CookieHave Avocado Cookie operate a Level 3+ Smithy and produce 20 Candy Saws.
Carrot Cookie's ChallengeCarrot CookieHave Carrot Cookie operate a Level 2 Jellybean Farm and produce Jellybean Baskets.
Cherry Cookie's ChallengeCherry CookieActivate Cherry Cookie's skill at least 50 times on World Exploration stages.
Chili Pepper Cookie's ChallengeChili Pepper CookieComplete World Exploration stage 3-18 with only Chili Pepper Cookie in the party.
Gumball Cookie's ChallengeGumball CookieBeat ten Pilgrim's Path stages in World Exploration with Gumball Cookie in the party.
Herb Cookie's ChallengeHerb CookiePurchase and place 20 Daffodil Flowerbeds in your kingdom.
Knight Cookie's ChallengeKnight Cookie Princess CookieComplete any ten World Exploration stages with only Knight Cookie and Princess Cookie in the party.
Poison Mushroom Cookie's ChallengePoison Mushroom CookieComplete World Exploration stage 5-10 with Poison Mushroom Cookie in the party.
Pomegranate Cookie's ChallengePomegranate CookieComplete World Exploration stage 6-3 with Pomegranate Cookie in the party.
Rye Cookie's ChallengeRye CookieComplete ten Bounties with Rye Cookie in the party.
Sparkling Cookie's ChallengeSparkling CookieActivate Sparkling Cookie's skill at least 50 times on World Exploration stages.
Snow Sugar Cookie's ChallengeSnow Sugar CookieComplete five Balloon Expeditions with Snow Sugar Cookie.
Werewolf Cookie's ChallengeAlchemist Cookie Werewolf CookieComplete any ten World Exploration stages with only Werewolf Cookie and Alchemist Cookie in the party.

How to get characters in Cookie Run Kingdom

Arguably, the real challenge of the Cookie Challenges Event is getting all the 18 characters you need to complete it.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a Gacha game with a focus on collecting characters. All of the characters required to complete the Challenges are pulled from the Rare or Epic rarity classes:

  • Rare: Adventurer Cookie, Alchemist Cookie, Avocado Cookie, Blackberry Cookie, Carrot Cookie, Cherry Cookie, Gumball Cookie, Knight Cookie, Princess Cookie.
  • Epic: Chili Pepper Cookie, Herb Cookie, Poison Mushroom Cookie, Pomegranate Cookie, Rye Cookie, Snow Sugar Cookie, Sparkling Cookie, Vampire Cookie, Werewolf Cookie.

Characters like these can't be unlocked through gameplay progression. Instead, to unlock characters at these levels, you need to use Cookie Cutters at the Gacha.

Cookie Cutters are dropped at the end of quests in regular gameplay (albeit rarely), or you can buy them from the in-game shop for Crystals.

You earn Crystals every time you complete a new event, story beat, or achievement in the game. However, you can also buy Crystals with real-world money — either in bundles from the shop, or by purchasing the current season's Kingdom Pass.

The character you get from the Gacha is always random, though the likelihood is affected by rarity. So the complication of the Cookie Challenges is really doing the work to unlock all necessary characters before you can complete the full event.

So yes, you could argue that this time-limited event is meant to encourage you to grind for Crystals, or else just spend your real-world cash on them. (It's a gacha game, after all.)

But every time you complete a challenge you'll be rewarded, and rewards include Crystals; so if you manage your resources right, you ought to be able to unlock more characters as you go.

Good luck getting those Epic Cookies, and if you need any extra help, don't forget to check out our list of CRK codes.

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