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Conan Exiles, a game famous for d**ks, is being published by Koch - thank you, fate, for this precious gift

Conan Exiles has a release window and a publishing deal, but we're too busy getting giddy over the pun possibilities to take this seriously.

Koch Media, a publisher with a name that sounds a bit like a piece of genitalia thanks to the way "ch" is pronounced in German, sent over a press release just now announcing it has signed on to publish Funcom's Conan Exiles.

That's the licensed survival sandbox adventure action RPG thing we talked a lot about earlier this year, mostly to say things like "what a lot of funny dicks there are in Conan Exiles".

For games journalists, who pretty much live to make puns and wang jokes, this was like being handed a redundancy notice. Shut us down: publishers are doing our work for us now. Never mind, we had a good run.

Anyway, the gist of the press release is that Conan Exiles will release in full in early 2018, not just on Steam but also for PS4 and Xbox One. Physical and digital editions will be available for those of you who still like game boxes.

Since we knew Funcom was planning to get Conan Exiles out the door within one year and that it was working on console builds, none of this is much of a surprise, although it does bode well for Funcom's continuing recovery from near-bankruptcy.

The rest of the press release was just the usual mutual admiration quotes and I won't bore you with them, although the two companies did point out that they had previously collaborated on Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer. So that's something.

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