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Codemasters wants to give F1 the "FIFA" treatment


Codemasters has said it's planning FIFA-style releases for its F1 franchise.

Speaking to, designer Steven Hood said the company would love to provide an annual release for each new season, much like EA does with its FIFA franchise.

"At the moment we've got the license for 2011," said Hood. "I think were in negotiations about 2012. I would love to see Codemasters - if we can keep building on this every year - as a FIFA-type yearly update."

He added: "When we set out our ideas for Formula One in the first place, a lot of people said to us, 'What can you do in Formula One that is original?' There's s**t-loads of things that we've got ideas for, but its a case of trying to get as much as you can in 2010 and update that with a bunch of new features in 2011. But I'd love to plan further ahead as well, and build towards the ultimate F1 game."

Senior producer Paul Jeal echoed his colleague's comments.

"I think we can definitely plan for the next one and have a few ideas for what we'd like to do with the one after. I certainly think it is something that would work as a yearly franchise and its something we would very much like to do."

F1 2010 is available now for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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