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F1 can be Codmasters' FIFA, says CEO


Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens has told MCV its F1 series can easily have their own yearly-iterations in a similar fashion to EA's FIFA.

Codemasters were awarded the rights to the IP in 2007 from Sony by FoM.

Since then, they've released two titles: F1 2009 for PSP and Wii and the critically-acclaimed F1 2010 for PS3, 360 and PC, the latter of which went number one in the UK charts at release in September.

"There’s no reason why F1 can’t be as established and important a part of our annual release schedule as FIFA is to EA. I believe we won this licence because racing games are in the DNA of Codemasters," said Cousens.

"Other companies would have paid more, but it came down to the quality of the game."

Next year's release has already been planned, with a browser title also coming as well.

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