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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare tops Green Man Gaming's Xmas PC download chart

Green Man Gaming has released its official PC download Christmas chart, and the immensely popular Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has finished in top place. Check out the rest of the high-sellers after the jump.

1. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
2. Guild Wars 2
3. Borderlands 2
4. Far Cry 3 (EU Only)
5. Tomb Raider (pre-purchase)
6. Football Manager 2013
7. Company of Heroes 2 (pre-purchase)
8. SimCity (pre-purchase)
9. Aliens: Colonial Marines (pre-purchase)
10. Metro: Last Light (pre-purchase)

Have you played Chivalry yet? Let us know what you make of it, and the rest of the chart below.

Thanks PC Gamer.

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