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CD Projekt Red lists Witcher 3 mods that will continue to work with next-gen update

See which made the list.

CD Projekt Red has provided a list of mods that will work with The Witcher 3 when the next-gen update lands.

According to the developer, it checked several of the most popular mods to see if they will work after the update. So far, 71 mods will work, but the studio also notes that while the list may not be 100%, it gives you an idea of what to expect (thanks, PC Gamer).

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The mods are listed on this spreadsheet, and next to them are the folders where they can be found. It even lists whether the mod is compatible with the update.

Because the update changes scripts due to adding a new quest, most of the mods based on scripts will error out. But, modders can get help from the team's modding experts that will provide help and advice to modders on the forums post-release when possible.

Several popular mods will be included in the update and made available depending on the platform. CDRP received permission from each mod's creator, reimbursed them, and featured them in the credits of the updated game.

The mods were then reworked, assets were optimized as needed, and the game was adjusted to run with them. But for the full spectrum of mods, it will depend on the community.

The Witcher 3 arrives next week on December 14.

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