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Capcom promises new Okami art after IGN gaffe

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After it was shown that the retail version of Okami Wii carried an IGN watermark on its cover art in the US, Capcom has promised to make amends by offering a choice of new artwork for those afflicted by the IGN blight. From Capcom US' blog:

As fans know, the real art of Okami is on the game disc itself, but given the artistic nature of this game, we’d like the outside of the box to match the beauty contained within. To that end, we’re offering a free make-good gift to our fans. If you purchased Okami for the Wii, for a limited time, you can choose from one of the three art pieces below and Capcom will ship a high-quality version of the box cover straight to your door.

Each piece is sized to fit perfectly into your Okami Wii box and will transform your copy into the best-looking game on your shelf. Just head to, fill out the form, and go back to playing Okami while you patiently wait for your new, improved art to make its way to you.

Thanks again for being a fan of both Capcom and Okami! Now get back to painting!

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