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Call of Duty WaW to be last iteration set in WWII?

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According to this OXM piece, Call of Duty: World at War senior producer Noah Heller has hinted that the game could be the last in the series to be set in World War II.

"Since World at War was in development for two years, it was still in development when Modern Warfare... well, it hadn't even come out yet," said Heller. "So our path was a little bit set at that point but we also knew that we wanted to show the end of the war.

"I won't let your readers read into the comment too much but we are showing the final battles of the Pacific and the European Theatre and that lets us put a close to the war," he explained.

"I'm sure game companies will be making World War II games for years to come and World War II is a very classic war. But we're happy that we put the war to bed."

We're saying nothing.

By Mike Bowden

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