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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta - you should no longer be able to switch input devices mid-match

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare developer Infinity Ward was quick to take care of a major problem with the game's cross-play implementation.

As you might know, cross-play support is a big deal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Not only is this the first game ever in the series to experiment with the feature, players also got to test it firsthand during weekend two of the Modern Warfare beta.

Shortly after the beta kicked off last night, players discovered that you can switch your controller method mid-match and continue playing. Modern Warfare's cross-play implementation is designed so that it only matches you with others using the same input device, regardless of platform.

A big part of enforcing that hinges on locking players from being able to change controlling devices mid-match, since it would be trivial to plug in a controller for the matchmaking portion and quickly switch to mouse and keyboard when the match starts.

Pro player Tyler Polchow tried it out while streaming the beta, and found it incredibly easy. Since then, Infinity Ward fixed the issue, and confirmed the details on Twitter.

Now, players won't be able to change their input device once the match starts.

Weekend two of the beta continues today, with the floodgates opening up tomorrow. Catch up on the full schedule, how to get in and everything else you need to know in our story.

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