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Borderlands movie gets screenwriter, may actually happen

The Borderlands movie inches towards reality.


Borderlands movie gets screenwriter, may actually happen

Borderlands is on the way to the silver screen, although as any video game fan knows "on the way" frequently means "ten years away" or even "will never happen".

That said, the project has made a significant advance according to The Hollywood Reporter, with the tapping of Canadian comedian Aaron Berg to serve as screenwriter.

Although he's best known for his stand up and a string of minor acting roles, Berg wrote the script for in-development spy thriller Section 6 and G.I. Joe 3.

The Borderlands film comes to us courtesy of prolific game adaption producers Avi and Ari Arad. THR's sources say the company is aiming for an "edgy" R rating, which makes a lot more sense when you hear that it's being touted as "Mad Max in space".

I would have though the Mad Max-like desert setting and "edgy" violence were just about the least interesting thing about the Borderlands universe, to be honest. Although the series gets a lot of flack for cheap jokes and little narrative depth, both Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Tales from the Borderlands demonstrated there's a lot more going on beyond the constant explosions and screeching voices. Then again, is anybody still optimistic enough to expect a film adaptation to do a good job of leveraging the strengths of a game series?

The franchise is back in the headlines recently after word that Borderlands 3 will go into production after Battleborn. Although The Pre-Sequel went under the radar (a crying shame, I tell ya) the series is one of 2K's bestselling properties, with over 26 million copies shifted worldwide.

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