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Go to Heck and back in Borderlands 3's Bloody Harvest seasonal event

Borderlands 3 is sending vault hunters straight to Heck with the Bloody Harvest seasonal event

Gearbox is preparing Borderlands 3 for its first free seasonal event running October 24th through December 5th. Bloody Harvest is a Halloween extravaganza with a new boss, new foes, and new loot to hunt down during the scariest month of the year.

Like any good ghost tour, you need a suitable tour guide to see you through. A new Saurian chum aboard Sanctuary 3 named Maurice will be your guide to Bloody Harvest. Going forward, he'll be your guide to all future seasonal events.

Heck is a new zone packed full of reanimated goons, blood-gorged beasts and killer plantlife. But the real meat hanging rotten from the bone is Captain Haunt, a new boss hidden in the depths of Heck. By diving in and killing Haunt and his minions, you'll be able to loot new Anointed Weapons with a terrifying new effect. Bloody Harvest also adds a new Legendary shotgun, Fearmonger, which may drop from foes in the new encounter.

To get to Heck, you'll have to collect Hecktoplasm (boo) from Haunted enemies. These spectral baddies will litter the galaxy during Bloody Harvest. Collect their souls, and Maurice will do some truly supernatural s**t to open a portal to Haunt's domain.

There's plenty to find outside of Heck, though. New challenges will let you unlock a new skin for each vault hunter, as well a new ECHO skin, weapon trinket and global weapon skin. These rewards are limited to Bloody Harvest. Don't shamble about if you're dying to put a shrunken head on your shotgun.

Bloody Harvest isn't the only thing creeping around Pandora this month. There's still that "spooky surprise" waiting to close out Borderlands' birthday celebrations on October 29th. What that entails, we still don't know.

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