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Blood Symphony DLC pack released on Xbox Live for Bulletstorm

The Blood Symphony DLC pack has been released on Xbox Live for Bulletstorm today.

It will run you 800 MSP and it's also out on PC for $9.99

The DLC contains two new Echoes maps: the Monorail factory, and Mean Streets.

For Anarchy Mode, you and your buddies to "kill with skill" in three new areas, includingMini-City, where enemies can be "thrown into miniature skyscrapers as well as sent into the path of a rampaging Mechaton."

Then there's the Rock Quarry, which will see players "fighting at night by a cliffside waterfall next to a mining facility" as well as a number of other environmental hazards.

Finally, the Ulysses map takes place in the jail hub of the ship.

Get more details over on the official site for Xbox Live.

The PS3 version will be out soon, and will more than likely run you the same price.

Thanks, sprawl.

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