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Blizzard and fans discuss Diablo III effects and colors


Looks like Blizzard and the folks over at the BlizzBlues blog had a back and forth over the effects and lighting in the latest iteration of the RPG.

Some fans took screens from the game, and highlighted areas with text stating was was good or bad, right or wrong.

Here is just a taste:

BlizzBlues: The reasons we would like a tone down of spell effects / lighting is because they are unnaturally bright and don't blend into the game world. They don't have that "diablo touch" or feel, yet. They dominate the battle by flowing over the enemies and they are just plain too bright.

But hey, thanks for the feedback. It was delivered in a very hostile way.

Blizzard: Yeah, and that's cool. It was said I don't know how many times at this BlizzCon alone that we're always working against the issue of having too many effects that are too crazy and over the top going off at the same time. So yeah, it's always a potential problem. I just don't think our artists need to be drawn a schematic of how to fix it. They're paid professionals, they do this for a living.

They seem to indicate, in an unnecessarily blurry way, that spell effects should change depending on the environment. Which is a really odd and unnecessary direction. They also seem to indicate that Diablo games do not have bright/flashy/glowing weapons, armor, enemies, or spell effects to help differentiate things on-screen, that each environment should be a brown mess and spells are indistinguishable from the background. I can only assume they did not play Diablo II.

Truthfully whoever created those images has an entirely distorted perception of what Diablo is. Really.

Oh dear. Go have a read through the link, or over on the Diablo III forums/blog of IncGamers.

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