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BioWare drops massive list of ME3 co-op details

BioWare has unleashed a huge list of details for Mass Effect 3's online co-op, confirming it doesn't currently support local support as yet.

The answers came through a big Bioware-conducted interview with game producer Jesse Houston. In a gist:

  • No Kinect support.
  • There will be character DLC for co-op, as well as races shipping from day one that "you may not expect" to play as.
  • Will have separate trophies and achievements.
  • Features characters not involved in the main campaign, but co-op has its own story: "At a high level, Shepard is marshaling the troops on behalf of the Earth Alliance so you are technically fighting for the Earth Alliance. From a story perspective, a lot of these groups have come together as a loose fighting force to stop the reapers therefore they don’t fly the same type of banners that would have existed in pre- reaper invasion days."
  • Sunset plan in place for when the servers eventually go offline: "We won’t be taking the servers down until we realize that there aren’t enough players playing to warrant keeping them up and when we do take them down, we will make sure there are options so the players who are playing don’t feel abandoned... I wouldn’t be too worried about us taking down the servers anytime soon."

There's more details here.

Houston also explained how ME3's DRM will work for the PC version, confirming that a one-time connection to the internet will be needed to authorise the game, but will be fine after that.

The RPG series finale lands on March 6 in the US and March 9 in Europe for PS3, 360 and PC.

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