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Beyond: Two Souls E3 gameplay detailed by David Cage

Sony has released some Beyond: Two Souls screenshots to go along with the E3 trailer shown last night, and David Cage has discussed the trailer in a new blog post.

The trailer, which showed the Somalia scene, was chosen specifically to reveal the gameplay mechanics in action.

According to Cage, Beyond: Two Souls features "much larger and more open environments than those found in Heavy Rain, and to coincide with this, the gamer will have much more freedom to explore their surroundings and find small side bits of information."

The R2 to walk control scheme from Heavy Rain is gone, and navigation with Jodie is controlled entirely using the left analog stick. As you move her around, the camera will dynamically change to more "cinematic angles, and Jodie’s animations will tailor themselves to her age and situation, leading to a uniquely immersive and filmic experience."

"All of the videos you’ve seen us release thus far are in fact entirely user-controlled; it’s just difficult to distinguish without the controller in your hand," he said. "In Heavy Rain, every time you wanted to interact with an object or perform an action, a button prompt would appear on-screen. Instead, we decided to implement a more “invisible” interface.

"Jodie’s actions will be now prompted with a small white dot that appears over each object you can interact with. Then, through a simple gesture of the right analog stick, you will enable Jodie to perform a contextual interaction such as opening a door or inspecting a piece of writing on the wall. The new interface is extremely intuitive for both new and existing fans alike, and the contextual actions allow for an array of movements and actions which make Jodie feel more like a living, breathing character."

Cage also said there will be prompt-less action sequences, and players will have the ability to control of Aiden, the entity connected to Jodie.

"At any point in the game, you can switch between Jodie and Aiden at a simple touch of the Triangle button," he said. "Using both Jodie and Aiden together will be critical for both protecting Jodie and solving puzzles Jodie comes across during her journey, as well as gaining additional insight into the characters’ stories."

Beyond: Two Souls is due on October 8, exclusively on PlayStation 3.

Other screenshots from the game were posted earlier today.

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