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Beyond Good & Evil 2 hint appears on Ubisoft Facebook

Beyond Good & Evil 2 may finally be happening, with Ubisoft dropping the most gentle of teases that Peyj and Jade will be back with us soon.

"We’re a bit busy prepping for E3. Time to call in some reinforcements," the publisher wrote on its Facebook page.

The post was accompanied by an image of Peyj, the pig-like mechanic from Beyond Good & Evil.

Although the post then referenced Peyj as a "classic character", all the other images on the page recently have been characters form currently active franchises, leading to speculation that Ubisoft is finally ready to reveal the new game.

Beyond Good & Evil is a sort of open secret. A teaser was leaked; Ubisoft Montpellier has shown small snippets of it at events in France; and it regularly appears in rumours. The official party line being that it's not canceled, but on the backburner. Creator Michael Ancel has said he was awaiting next-gen hardware.

Anyway, tune the heck in to Ubisoft's E3 conference to find out.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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