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The most interesting thing about the Beyond Good and Evil remaster is that it confirms Beyond Good & Evil 2 isn't weird pig-man food

Dry your eyes, Beyond Good and Evilers, your hope might not be dead after all.

A collection of characters from Beyond Good and Evil.
Image credit: Ubisoft

Yep, you've read the headline. Despite not having had it show up at this year's Ubisoft Forward, Ubisoft's thrown the three people still holding out hope for Beyond Good and Evil 2 a pretty substantial bone via the remaster of the original Beyond Good and Evil that's set to drop next week.

If you'd stopped paying attention to it (we wouldn't blame you), the sequel to 2003's Beyond Good And Evil was announced back in 2008 and has been on a journey since that point, having officially celebrated becoming the most delayed AAA game, er, ever back in October 2022.

Hold the damn phone, though, because as part of the reveal of Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, the publisher has announced that it includes a new treasure hunt mission that's explicitly designed to help you "learn more about Jade's childhood and her link to Beyond Good & Evil 2". No, you're not dreaming.

If that's not quite an explicit enough statement about the long-in-development sequel still actually being a video game that will arrive at some point, Ubisoft re-emphasised in a note to press regarding the reveal (thanks, IGN) that the mission "reveals more about the narrative link to Beyond Good & Evil 2, showing Ubisoft’s enduring commitment to the franchise.”

Given its incredibly rocky and at times bizarre development timeline, who knows what on Earth Beyond Good and Evil 2 will look like assuming it does indeed arrive before the universe implodes, as Ubisoft suggests here. We've seen and heard a bunch of stuff about it over the years, with a lot of it being open to different interpretations, so right now it's unclear just how much of that stuff could actually make it into a final game, or if we'll get something totally different.

Regardless, now you've had your Beyond Good and Evil hope restored on this fine Friday, make sure you check out our list from 2019 of five games you should play while you wait for Beyond Good and Evil 2 to arrive. Yeah, sure, I guess you can play the new remaster instead, but it doesn't arrive until June 25.

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