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Fans might have unearthed the title of the upcoming Indiana Jones game from MachineGames

It sounds plausible, we must say.

We might have finally learned the title of the upcoming Indiana Jones game from MachineGames (the team behind the Wolfenstein series reboot), thanks to video games researcher Kurakasis.

The potential discovery was shared today on Twitter by Kurakasis, who pointed out Indiana Jones and the Great Circle might be the definitive title of Bethesda and MachineGames' action-adventure game. Lucasfilm registered several domains on January 9, 2024, with that title, essentially confirming it ahead of next week's Xbox Developer Direct, where the game will be fully unveiled with the devs sharing a deep dive and a gameplay trailer.

The user also commented on how Lucasfilm actually registered 'The Great Circle' on its own in summer 2022. Star Wars fans in the room may remember all the noise that trademark (plus a handful of other ones) made, as they sounded quite plausible for titles of future projects set in a galaxy far, far away.

It remains to be seen whether this is a red herring or the true title of the long-hyped game, but looking at the dates and all the domains that Lucasfilm has grabbed, it's as close to confirmed as it can be. We're only one week away from learning a lot about Todd Howard and MachineGames' long-gestating project, and expectations are through the roof. Could it be Xbox and Bethesda's big bet for this year's Christmas season?

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