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Bayonetta voice actress might not return for Bayonetta 3

Voice actress Hellena Taylor casts doubt on whether she’ll be voicing the iconic witch going forward.

The voice actress for Bayonetta made a tweet suggesting she won’t be voicing the flamboyant protagonist in the future. In response to a tweet praising voice actress Hellena Taylor’s performances in the games and saying they can’t imagine the character without her voice, she responded: “Well you might have to.”

Though it’s unclear what exactly the tweet means, it might indicate that Hellena won’t be voicing Bayonetta in Bayonetta 3, which would be a shame and baffling given how much of what makes the character work is her voice. Still, it’s a touch early to sound the alarm too loudly. After all, it could also mean that she’s done after Bayonetta 3 is released and that there won’t be any more games past the third.

It could also be that the third game may involve a new character, or a younger Bayonetta (prequel) which could call for a recast.

It’s difficult to extrapolate exactly what it all means, though, without some kind of clarification.

You can’t blame people for being confused, though. Ever since the game was announced, we’ve seen nothing more beyond the initial teaser. We know it’s still supposedly in development thanks to comments from both developer Platinum Games and Nintendo, but Nintendo hasn’t released any further news yet. Still, it’s been many, many days since the game was announced. That fans are getting worried despite assurances to the contrary is only natural.

Bayonetta 3 was announced at the end of 2017 for the Switch with a teaser video, and we haven’t heard much of anything further since. We just have to trust that development really is going as smoothly as Platinum and Nintendo say it is.

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