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Battlefield 5 hits the ocean in this trailer for War in the Pacific

Battlefield 5 is going back to the Pacific in its next free update.

Despite charging through World War 2 for nearly a year, an entire ocean of conflict has been largely ignored by Battlefield 5. That's all set to change in the next big free update for Dice's period shooter.

Announced today, Chapter V: War in the Pacific will finally bring the far-Eastern front into the mix later this month.

War in the Pacific pits the US Armed Forces against the Imperial Japanese Army across two new maps. The rocky fortress island of Iwo Jima will have you sprinting between wide-open beaches and claustrophobic tunnel encounters. Pacific Storm, meanwhile, is much sunnier than the name lets on. Teams will take control of the skies and seas to go island hopping for control of the archipelago.

There's one more addition, and it's a massive kick in the nostalgia. Wake Island is coming back. The Pacific Ocean's favourite horseshoe won't arrive with the rest of War in the Pacific this month, instead dropping later this December. We've always got the old Battlefield 1942 demo 'til then.

Chapter V also brings the Sherman tank and F4U Corsair plane into Battlefield's vehicular sandbox. But for those of us stuck on foot, you can also now pick up a flamethrower and set fire to the ocean. Failing that, the Japanese can start slicing yanks up with a Katana.

The free update also brings the usual host of new weapons (both handheld and stationary) and new rewards to plug towards. More details on these, and all of the above, can be found on the War in the Pacific official page here.

That's all well and good if you're a Battlefield veteran. But to enlist more bodies for the war, Dice is kicking off free weekend events over the next two weeks. From October 24th to 28th, you'll be able to try out Battlefield 5's Grand Operations. War in the Pacific will go on trial the following weekend, opening the sea to new recruits from November 1st through 4th.

Chapter V: War in the Pacific arrives on October 31st.

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