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Many, many Battlefield Hardline players have been killed by random furniture

Battlefield Hardline players are raking in the dough and getting their hats handed to them by the cops, according to the latest infographic released by Visceral Games.

Per the stats posted below, $901 billion in-game cash has been earned, compared to the $527 billion earned in the beta.

The exorbitant amount of money earned can be chalked up to players having already spent 2 billion minutes playing the game, most preferring the Operator class. There are also 488 folks who have already reached level 150 as well.

Hotwire is the most popular mode with Downtown the leading favorite of the available maps. 52% of multiplayer rounds have been won by the cops with 224,9343,351 multiplayer battles played in total.

The best stat on the graph? The amount of players killed by random furniture: 80,477.

Have a look at the image below for the full set of stats.


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